How to improve the Xiaomi touch response in Easy Way

How to improve the Xiaomi touch response

improving the Xiaomi touch response with make you enjoy the use of the phone. On certain occasions, the screen may not respond as it should and hinder the experience offered by the software. If your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO does not react correctly and does not have severe damage that justifies it, MIUI offers you a simple trick to improve Xiaomi touch response.

Performance is a very important factor in any mobile device. Either to navigate comfortably or to work more efficiently. For this reason, MIUI is responsible for providing numerous tricks and practical solutions to optimize fluidity.

So you can improve Xiaomi touch response

If your Xiaomi is not suffering from any major hardware issues and the screen reacts slowly, then the problem could be in the software. MIUI comes with a feature enabled by default that, over time, may cause the device to experience slight slowness in touch response.

If this is your case, MIUI offers a fairly simple solution that allows you to improve the intensity of the touch response of your Xiaomi. And it is that, from the accessibility menu, you can deactivate the function without complications. Why is it convenient? Well, because it is not vital for the operation of the phone and because it can affect its fluidity.

So, if you want to Xiaomi touch response, both on Redmi, or POCO device, all you have to do is follow these steps in the MIUI settings menu:

  • Go to¬†Settings > Additional settings > Accessibility > Physical¬†.
  • Next, click on the section ‘¬†Touch response intensity and vibration¬†‘.

Three options are displayed in this menu: tone vibration, notification vibration, and haptic feedback. Then go to ‘Haptic feedback’ and¬†select ‘Off’¬†to disable the feature.

Although not everything ends here, because to ensure that the reaction fluidity is more efficient, you must also modify¬†the touch response time¬†of your Xiaomi.¬†To do this, go back to the ‘Physical’ tab of the accessibility menu.

Then, in the ‘Touch response time’ section,¬†select the ‘Short’ option.¬†This will make the operation much faster and more efficient.


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