How to hide And Unhide Apps on Xiaomi

hide And Unhide Apps

Among the numerous options that MIUI allows us, we find the possibility of hiding And Unhide Apps, preventing them from appearing on the desktop. In a quick and easy way, we can prevent prying eyes from noticing the existence of certain applications on our Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO.

But… what happens if we suspect that someone, be it a friend or a partner, have applications installed on their smartphone that “they shouldn’t”. Although it is not ethically convenient, we can discover if someone has installed, for example, the Tinder application or another WhatsApp, on their Xiaomi and has hidden it.

To discover it, it is enough to know what is the process of hide And Unhide Apps that MIUI allows us. With this, we will know how to hide an application and also discover on another smartphone if certain applications have been hidden.

How to hide And Unhide Apps on your Xiaomi and discover if there are hidden applications

To hide an application on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO we just have to follow the following sequence of steps, since in the latest versions of MIUI it has changed slightly:

  1. Go to Settings and search for “ hidden apps ”
  2. After that, we will enter the functionality and proceed to activate all the applications that we want to hide in our Xiaomi

After that, the applications that we have selected will disappear from the desktop and from the application drawer. To access these or discover if a Xiaomi has to hide And Unhide Apps, it will be enough to perform the pinch gesture but in reverse, that is, separating the fingers on the home screen itself. After that, a new window will be displayed with the hidden applications.


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