How to Forceful Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone

Some Xiaomi phones can get up to 90Hz FPS but the feature is not available to users, today we will show you how to Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone by force.

For some devices, 90 Hz is not available in the settings but with “Adaptive refresh rate” screen can turn down the refresh rate from 120 Hz to 90 Hz. And with 3rd party apps, we can use 90 Hz all the time.

The increasing refresh rate to 120 Hz will lower your battery life because the screen works harder than 60 Hz. But with 90 Hz it’s kind of like a sweet spot for usage, 90 Hz does not use much power as 120 Hz, and it’s almost smoother than 120 Hz.

How to Forceful Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone With App

For this process you don’t need root you will only need an app that can be found on Google Play Store

Before starting, be careful any setting you change besides our guide telling you to change might cause issues with your phone and we are not responsible for these issues.

  • Start with enabling Show refresh rate in Developer settings
  • To enable Developer settings;
  • Enter Settings > My device > All specs
  • Tap on the MIUI version until it enables Developer settings
  • Enter Additional settings > Developer settings > scroll down until you see the “Show refresh rate” option and enable it

Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone

By enabling this option you can now see the screens refresh rate on your display. here is the way to Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone.

  • Open SetEdit
  • Scroll down until you see “user_refresh_rate”
  • Tap on it and a pop-up window will show up, hit EDIT VALUE
  • Change the value to 90 and save changes

Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone

  • Now exit the app and reboot your phone
  • After rebooting enable the Show refresh rate option in Developer settings to confirm the screen running on 90 Hz mode after Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone

If this didn’t work try changing your refresh rate back to 120 Hz and rebooting. After reboot do the same steps until the screen uses 90hz mode.

After activating 90 Hz on the POCO F3/Redmi K40/Xiaomi 11X, color discrepancies may show on the display. This is understandable given that MIUI’s color calibration is particularly poor on these devices.

If you succeed to Enable 90 Hz on Xiaomi Phone, let us know.

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