How to Fix MIUI Pocket mode error; Simple Way
How to Fix MIUI Pocket mode error

MIUI Pocket mode is a functionality designed so that the device does not activate while it is in a narrow place and thus avoids tapping on the screen. In this way, it is ensured that the mobile is not unlocked unintentionally or that the applications are not opened without the user wants them. Although it sounds nice, this function has a bug.

In mobiles such as the Redmi 8, the Redmi Note 9, and many others, after activating the MIUI Pocket mode, a very recurring error begins to appear. A transparent black screen with the message: Do not cover the earpiece area.

This bug is a common MIUI issue caused by Xiaomi‘s problems with proximity sensors. It is not something harmful and is easily resolved. If it doesn’t bother you, just press the volume up key to make the message disappear. While, if you find it uncomfortable, it is best to disable pocket mode.

How to Fix MIUI Pocket mode error

  • Go to Settings > Lock screen.
  • In the ‘Other’ section, turn off the switch for pocket mode.


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