How To Enable Xiaomi SIM Activation Service

Xiaomi SIM Activation Service

Xiaomi SIM Activation Service is one of Xiaomi’s security features. Xiaomi’s software contains a slew of programs and frameworks such as Mi Cloud, Mi Messages, and Mi Find Device, as well as a slew of proprietary features. If you’re wondering how they’re relevant to the matter at hand, let’s first go through what this service is.

What is this Xiaomi SIM Activation Service?

It is a SIM authentication procedure used to gain access to unique features in some MIUI applications, a couple of which have already been revealed. This is not to say that not activating will prohibit you from sending messages, making phone calls, or doing anything else of the like. It just unlocks beneficial iOS-like functionality in your device. And, because these functionalities need access to your personal information, it is a very sensitive structure that necessitates additional safeguards.

It operates by sending a one-time verification SMS to Xiaomi servers and then receiving clearance. This, on the other hand, is not a free SMS message, so keep that in mind.

Utilizing Mi Messages as an example, following SIM activation, you may send text messages to other Mi users using an internet connection and for free. Another handy feature is message synchronization, which allows you to keep your communications in Mi Cloud to avoid data loss.

Another benefit is the Mi Find Device function, which allows you to trace the position of your phone in case it is misplaced or, worse, stolen.

How to activate Xiaomi SIM Activation Service?

Xiaomi SIM Activation Service
Xiaomi SIM Activation Service

All you have to do in order to activate this service can be simplified into 3 easy steps:

  • Make sure you have sufficient balance
  • Insert your SIM card
  • Reboot

After the reboot, activation should be done automatically. It also gets automatically done for you after a fresh installation or resetting your data. So, if you do not want to activate this service, make sure you remove your SIM card before you boot into your system.

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