How to enable Xiaomi Fingerprint shortcut

Xiaomi Fingerprint and other Biometric readers have become more than just a security measure. If you have a Xiaomi with a side fingerprint sensor, this can become a more versatile tool with a lot to offer. And it is that, in addition to allowing you to turn your device off or on, it also gives you the option to execute different actions.

With the help of a side fingerprint sensor, you can take much more advantage of the various functions of MIUI 13. In fact, just by swiping your finger across the sensor, you can quickly and easily activate different shortcuts.

How to take screenshots, turn on the flashlight, or open applications with the side Xiaomi Fingerprint sensor

The MIUI 13 customization layer takes advantage of the existence of the side fingerprint sensor to provide access to different functions. Therefore, it is worth noting that this setting is only functional with those devices that have a side sensor.

Regarding the different shortcuts available from the side fingerprint sensor of your Xiaomi, there are:

  • Run the camera.
  • Pull down the notification bar.
  • Open the¬†calculator.
  • Turn on the flashlight.
  • Activate¬†silent mode.
  • Deploy the control center.
  • Take a¬†screenshot.
  • Start Google Assistant.
  • Report a system problem.

Activating any of these functions with the side fingerprint sensor of your Xiaomi is a very simple task. To do so, all that is required is to follow these steps:

  • Go to¬†Settings > Additional settings > Gesture or Button shortcuts.

How to enable Xiaomi Fingerprint shortcut

  • Tap on ‘Double tap the fingerprint sensor and proceed to select any of the functions already mentioned.

How to enable Xiaomi Fingerprint shortcut

In this way, just by double tapping on the sensor, the system will start executing the selected task. This is a simple shortcut, which can save you a few precious seconds. Did you know what the side Xiaomi Fingerprint of your Xiaomi is capable of? Tell us which shortcut you would prefer to configure.


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