OEMs are now focused on features like RAM expansion, read and write speed, and so on, as the demand for RAM utilization by OS, games, and apps grows. Many OEMs have succeeded in successfully integrating RAM or RAM Expansion functionalities into their devices thus far. Xiaomi is one of these manufacturers. So, if you have a Xiaomi device, Here’s how to Enable Memory Extension on Xiaomi Phones.

Because they have better visuals, more functionality, and so on, games and apps now consume more resources. In terms of increased RAM use, we’ll either need a new gadget or a method to manage these programs and games without issue. Smartphone manufacturers are also aware of the problem, and as a result, the majority of them provide customers with the opportunity to boost RAM.

What is Memory Extension, and how does it work?

Xiaomi phones running MIUI 12.5 or newer include a function called Memory Extension. This new feature does precisely what it says in the article. By taking up storage, it adds 1/2/3 GB of RAM. This means you can use 1 GB, 2 GB, or 3 GB of RAM from your internal storage as extra RAM.

How to Enable Memory Extension on Xiaomi Phones (Increase RAM)

Due to the differences between RAM memory and storage, the performance of additional RAM retrieved from storage will not be identical to that of original RAM, but it will provide a performance boost to some level. As a result, it is preferable to use this feature in order to improve your Xiaomi phone’s gaming and multitasking performance.

What is the max RAM you can add?

  • Phones with 256GB Storage or more – 3GB RAM
  • Phones with 128GB Storage – 2GB
  • Phones with 64GB Storage – 1GB

If you didn’t know, Xiaomi phones running MIUI 12.5 and MIUI 12.5 Enhanced have the Memory Extension option (or newer). MIUI 12.5 Enhanced has been released for Xiaomi’s various devices, with the majority of phones receiving Memory Extension with Enhanced. In the future, it will be available on additional devices.

MIUI 12.5 Enhanced is a software update that prioritizes device efficiency over new features. Memory Extension, Atomized Memory, Swift Performance, Liquid Storage, and other performance modes are among them. These modes’ availability varies depending on the device. The Memory Extension, on the other hand, is accessible on all Xiaomi phones running MIUI 12.5 Enhanced.

List of Xiaomi Phones with Memory Extension Feature

The Memory Extension feature is available on the following Xiaomi phones. Thanks to Ytechb for compiling this comprehensive list. More devices will get a new function soon, so keep an eye on his upcoming Tweet in the series.

How to Enable Memory Extension on Xiaomi Phones

MIUI 12.5 Enhanced will be rolled out to third-batch phones by Xiaomi. If you have the update, you can quickly boost your phone’s RAM. But if not, then look for your device eligibility and the rollout plan. So, if your phone has already been updated, you can proceed to the steps to enable RAM expansion on your Xiaomi phone.

  1. Check to see if your Xiaomi phone is running MIUI 12.5.
  2. It will use your device’s Internal Storage, therefore clean up your storage (at least 5GB free space is advised).
  3. Now go to your Xiaomi phone’s Settings.
How to Enable Memory Extension on Xiaomi Phones (Increase RAM)
  1. Navigate to Additional Settings > Memory Extension.
How to Enable Memory Extension on Xiaomi Phones (Increase RAM)
  1. You can enable Memory Extension by turning on the toggle here.

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Other OEM phones have the same RAM Expansion feature, although it goes under a different name. As a result, we’ll provide separate guidelines for different OEMs. You can follow us on Google News (@REALIMAGESS) and Twitter (@REALIMAGESS) if you have another device and want to boost the RAM of your phone.