How to Enable Maximum Performance in Xiaomi Smartphones

The most recent MIUI update added two new modes to our Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO, allowing us to tailor the smartphone to our own needs. We’re discussing “Balanced” and “Productive” modes. We will discuss Enable Maximum Performance.

The first allows you to manage power consumption without sacrificing functionality, while the second attempts to strike a balance between a pleasant user experience and energy savings for longer battery life.

Furthermore, performance mode extracts the most out of our Xiaomi / Redmi / POCO’s hardware, giving the user with maximum capability while avoiding excessive energy usage and device overheating.

Our cell phones are frequently set to “Balanced” mode by default. From there, we may choose between performance and energy-saving modes based on our tastes and actual needs.

Enable Maximum Performance
Enable Maximum Performance

How To Activation “Balanced” and “Productive” modes in Xiaomi ecosystem smartphones

How to Enable Maximum Performance on Xiaomi phone

Note that not all models have them. To activate them, you need to follow the sequence of actions below:

  • Go to Settings > Battery & performance.
  • Set the mode of your choice.

So we can optimize the performance and autonomy of the smartphone (for maximum battery life, select “Energy”, activate “Performance” for games, and set “Balanced” for everyday use).

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