We discussed what Xiaomi SIM Card Activation was about in a previous article. In certain circumstances, you may face SIM card not activated in some cases, the activation procedure fails and you are left with an obnoxious and persistent error message, but don’t worry, we will lead you through how to remove it step by step.

Method to disable SIM activation using root to stop SIM card not activated notification

Because root simplifies everything, the answer becomes simpler as well. If you are a rooted user, you may use Titanium Backup or any other program that has the ability to deactivate system apps. Go into the search box and input a portion of the name of the app that you want to disable, which in our example would be a sim. Tap on Xiaomi SIM Activation Service in the list that appears and then click the deactivate option to stop the unwanted messages and unsuccessful activation attempts.

Methods to disable SIM activation without root to stop SIM card not activated notification

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Things become a little more difficult here. There are several methods to respond to this notification. The first option is to disable the notice under notification settings, which would remove it but leave the app running in the background, which is not the best option. In any situation, we will provide you with the necessary tools and leave it up to you to determine which path to choose.

Notification disabling is fairly an easy way out. All you need to do is go into

  • Settings
  • > Apps
  • > Manage apps,
  • type Xiaomi in the search box,
  • tap on Xiaomi SIM Activation Service app and
  • disable all permissions and restrict data usage in there.
  • Lastly in this section,
  • go into Notifications and
  • disable the Show notifications option and it is done.
How to disable “SIM card not activated” notification?
How to disable “SIM card not activated” notification?

Another way to disable it is,

  • to go into Settings
  • > Password and Security
  • > Authorization & revocation and
  • in this section disable Xiaomi SIM Activation Service and MiuiDaemon.
How to disable “SIM card not activated” notification?
How to disable “SIM card not activated” notification?

Notification should be gone after any of these methods.

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