How to disable or enable camera watermark on Xiaomi, Redmi And Poco phones

A watermark on Xiaomi smartphones is a visible text or symbol that usually appears with media captured by Xiaomi devices, such as movies and pictures. Turning on the watermark option in settings and then shooting images or recording videos is a common technique of putting a watermark into digital assets. This article will explain how to enable and disable this watermark on Xiaomi smartphones!

Disable or Enable Watermark on Xiaomi Camera App

Xiaomi used to activate this function by default on smartphones to enhance the popularity of its goods, however, it is no longer enabled by default on Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco devices after Android 7+. Xiaomi added additional tools to the camera app’s watermark area in the Android 10 upgrade. With the recent camera app update, we can now alter the wording to anything we want.

To enable or disable the watermark on Xiaomi devices:

  • Open camera app
  • Tap on the three lines on the top right of the screen and enter the settings
  • Find the “Watermark” switch and you can disable or enable it.
    you can even customize what it says on the watermark to your liking

Congrats! You can now shoot your photos with or without a watermark! What if you want to remove a watermark from a photo you have already taken?

Remove watermark from photos with the gallery app

There are a variety of ways available for removing the watermark from photographs. However, the answer is not difficult to find. Fortunately, Xiaomi includes a watermark removal option in the standard gallery app that allows you to simply remove an undesired watermark from photographs. However, removing the camera watermark with the gallery app may not work on all devices. You may need to upgrade the gallery app to the most recent version.

To remove the watermark from your media:

  • Open Gallery and select a photo you want to remove the watermark
  • Tap on the edit button and you will see a “remove watermark” button


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