How To Clear System Dump On Xiaomi With Shortcode

Clear System Dump
Clear System Dump

Xiaomi and other OEMs have shortcodes to perform certain actions on phones by dialing simple codes. Used up has been one of the few things that smartphone users deal with on regular basis, starting from system dumps and downloaded files, games, and apps. clear system dumps and cache can help to increase memory. 

The majority of the disk space on the device is reserved for computer memory. It is necessary to test the functionality of the smartphone’s software platform. System Memory is intended for the storage of updates, system data cache, and memory dumps. Because of system memory, megabytes are frequently insufficient for users.

On Android, the hidden SysDump folder is used to store its contents. The size of this folder grows as you use your smartphone. As a result, the user begins to experience problems with memory loss. You can solve them by entering a simple number combination into the “dialer.” to Clear System Dump on your phone.

How To Clear System Dump On Xiaomi Phones With Shortcode

  • launch the “Phone” applet
  • type * # 9900 #.
  • It is recommended that you check the available memory size settings before beginning the process.
  • The system menu will appear after you enter the code, and
  • you must select Delete TumpState Lock.
  • To respond to the Delete Dump message that appears after you’ve completed the cleanup process,
  • Click the Ok button.

You should go to Settings to see how effective the deletion of system records was. The file containing the errors in the example is 430 MB in size. It can be very large. This method has been used by many users to remove over 1 GB of data from the system memory.

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