How to clear Dual Apps data on Xiaomi

Dual Apps data

Today’s tutorial is on how to clear Dual Apps data from your Xiaomi phone. Nowadays, Android devices provide a clone of your original program, more like two applications of the same type. But when you build a clone application, you undoubtedly ask where the data of the dual application is actually stored. If you experience a storage problem somehow and can’t figure out what it is about, you should check for the applications produced with dual applications or clone applications functionality. You may delete Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi phones if you use a Redmi or Mi smartphone that is running on MIUI interfaces.

Until now, somebody requested me to free storage space, as he could not find out what the telephone eats up. When you can’t locate what is eating the storage, it takes me a while, and then I realized the Dual Apps data is responsible. It is really frustrating.

For MIUI-based devices, you notice a sector of a storage system classified as “Another space” that indicates it contains data for apps for which the dual apps might have been enabled. These data are not available through the file manager, however, I found out how to delete Redmi and Mi phone data from Dual Apps and free the phone storage.

Note: You will remove all the files and material linked to the applications you copied from clearing Redmi and Mi phone data at your own risk.

How to clear Dual Apps data on Redmi and Mi Phones [MIUI]

  • Step 1: Head to¬†Settings¬†on your smartphone and go to¬†About phone¬†right at the top.
  • Step 2:¬†Tap on Storage to see how much storage is consumed in the¬†Other¬†section, this will give you an idea of the space on the phone before you clear the Dual Apps data.
  • Step 3: Now head back to¬†Settings¬†and swipe to the bottom and tap on¬†Apps.
  • Step 4:¬†Tap on¬†Dual Apps, on the top, you will see a¬†Settings gear icon, tap on it.
  • Step 5:¬†Once you enter the Dual app settings, tap on¬†Delete dual apps‚Äô accounts.
  • Step 6:¬†Tap on¬†Delete in the popup at the bottom. Make sure you read the popup, it says, Delete all dual apps along with their accounts and app data. Your device will be rebooted to apply this change.
  • Step 7: Head to¬†Settings again and check your storage space from¬†About -> Storage.

And that is how you delete Dual Apps data from your phones.

I discovered that when I realized anything was consuming the space, it was a fast solution/workaround but that it was not in the file management.

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