Here are the 6 features Apple got from Android

some features Apple got from Android, and iOS have long been recognized as the most reliable mobile operating system. Nobody mentions the tiny problems in the operating system, yet everyone believes it’s stable.

iOS has always missed the various modifications that Android offers, and now iOS has some of them. Whether Apple improves them or not, these are the features that are presently available on Android and will be released with iOS 16 in 2022.

6 features Apple got from Android

Live caption

Google brought the Live caption feature with the launch of Pixel 4. Brian Kemler shared a blog text here that they announce a new feature. Live captioning is the transcription of spoken audio in a video or any other media file that is playing, such as a voice recording or a voice message. Google only made this function available on Pixels before making it available to other OEMs.

features Apple got from Android

Lock screen widgets

Even though it’s not widely utilized on standard Android right now, Android KitKat included handy lock screen widgets at the time. Better-looking widgets are available on Android via third-party apps, although these widgets were accessible on Android KitKat. They were eliminated in Android Lollipop, although they are still available. An app on Google Play Store is available named Lockscreen Widgets.

Here are the 6 features Apple got from Android

Samsung also lets you have widgets on its Android skin One UI.

Shared photo library

iOS now allows you to share an album with up to five people, with each member having the ability to add new photographs to the album. Google introduced this function in 2015.

Here are the 6 features Apple got from Android

Real-time translations

With iOS 16, Apple allows you to transform text into graphics using the Translate app. Google Translate is also capable of performing real-time translations and scanning text on photos.

Here are the 6 features Apple got from Android

Resizeable app windows

This one is on Android for years and OEMs like Xiaomi, Samsung and OPPO succeeded to make split-screen features better. With iPad OS 16 you will be able to change the size of an app. With DeX Samsung gives a desktop-like experience to users and yet some Android skin offers multi-window features. MIUI+ lets you change the size of the windows as well. And note that this feature isn’t available on iPhones. The split-screen feature came with Android Nougat. It’s from 2016.

Here are the 6 features Apple got from Android

Mail scheduling

The mail app on iOS 16 allows you to schedule or undo emails you’ve sent. It waits for a while, and if you notice something is incorrect with the email, you may cancel it. For years, Google Mail featured this capability.

Here are the 6 features Apple got from Android

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