Once again we are here with the Best Miui themes, Some time ago it was decided to share theme recommendations on a weekly basis to provide more customization options to your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO devices. After our last entry of five themes for MIUI.

Each and every one of the following themes can be found by their respective names in the MIUI Themes appAnd if you have problems applying the themes on your mobile, you probably need to change the region of your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCOAlthough we will talk about that later.

Best Miui themes recommended for their special features

1. A+12 V12: Theme recommended to change your WhatsApp

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One of the most original customization packs you can find for MIUI is A+12 V12. The theme debuted in our list of themes that change even the WhatsApp application and drew a lot of attention.

Best Miui themes
Best Miui themes

A+12 V12 is equipped with a personalized lock screenaccompanied by multiple widgets and shortcuts. Of course, it includes its own pack of application icons and a very original header, but let’s not forget the important thing: When you install it, WhatsApp changes its appearance, colors, and chat boxes.

2. Mimicry IOS – Best Miui themes

The main protagonist in the entry on recommended themes that you should definitely try on your Xiaomi is Mimicry IOS, a modern and futuristic style theme with a lot to offer. The customization package is characterized, among other things, by its eye-catching interactive lock screen.

Five Best Miui themes For Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO DevicesMimicry IOS

Mimicry IOS also stands out for its aesthetic application iconsthe minimalism of its control center, and its platinum, white and blue colors. You really must try these Best Miui themes on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO.

3. Emotional Battery: – Best Miui themes

MIUI themes are like Pokémon, you must have them all. Especially if one of these has a smiling battery animation that tells you how charged your device is. That is precisely what Emotional Battery does, the protagonist in our recommendation of essential themes for your collection.

Five Best Miui themes For Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO DevicesEmotional battery

Custom lock screen? Yes. Icon packs? Also. Minimalist and modern? Of course. Emotional Battery has that and more, but, above all, its main attraction is the smiling battery in the background. The animation changes the battery gestures according to the level of charge, so a low percentage will show you a very nice angry face.

4. MeeGo SrxUI (MK) – Best Miui themes

There are many MIUI themes that are similar, but there are others recommended that are totally different from the usual. That’s where MeeGo SrxUI (MK) comes in, a colorful, minimalist theme with eye-catching custom icons for all your mobile apps.

Five Best Miui themes For Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO DevicesMeeGo SrxUI (MK)

MeeGo SrxUI stands out for its shades of orange that contrast with its dark background. In essence, it is a simplistic theme, for only offering aesthetic changes without adding functions or shortcuts. But we can confirm that therein lies its charm, so give it a look without any regrets.

5. Today Black: Theme recommended to save battery

Do you have an AMOLED screen and need a theme that allows you to consume less energy? Say no more, Today Black is the customization package you need. The theme debuted in our recommendation of themes that will help you improve your battery consumption, and has since become a recurring example.

Five Best Miui themes For Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO DevicesToday Black

The benefits of Today Black are found in its minimalism, its matte grayish background that gives the feeling of having the screen turned off, and its widgets with formal designs. Yes, it is a fairly serious issue, straight, but with which you will surely enjoy better autonomy.

Looking to change the region? Here we tell you how

The first thing you should do is go to Settings> Additional settings> RegionWithin this section, select a region other than your area of ​​origin. Then try to apply the theme of your choice. If it works, you can return to the MIUI region section and return to your original area without any inconvenience. enjoy the Best Miui themes, more are coming as we come across the best ones we will drop them off for you. 

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