Download And Install Xiaomi MIUI System Applications

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications
Xiaomi MIUI System Applications

Xiaomi is one of the most well-known mobile brands among consumers, and it comes with a plethora of Xiaomi MIUI System Applications that may aid you in your everyday life, such as Mi Music and the MIUI Themes App.

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications are popular among MIUI-based smartphone users. In this post, we will provide a list of several important system programs for your Xiaomi smartphone, along with a download link.

List Of Xiaomi MIUI System Applications

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – MIUI+ App

With MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi introduces the MIUI+ App. MIUI + like Samsung dex, allow View Mobile notifications, Open Apps, Copy/Paste Text, Open Screenshots to run and View Web pages from Mobile on PC just by connecting the device with desktop.

MIUI+ App V3.6.13

MIUI+ App V3.6.5

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – App Vault

App Vault allows you to make use of specific features without attempting to search out them in individual apps. It is a convenient combination of shortcuts, cards with important info, and trending stories from online.

App Vault V13.1.0 (Global)

App Vault V13.0.0-15.1220 (Global)

App Vault V12.12.6 (Global)

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – MIUI Weather App

Xiaomi weather app is one of the most popular apps that offer a clean and straightforward design. It provides weather forecasts and other related info directly from AccuWeather, Additionally, users can easily check the weather forecast for up to the following five days with detailed information.

MIUI  Weather App G- (Global) – New

MIUI  Weather App G- (Global)

MIUI  Weather App V12.8.0.0 (China)

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – MIUI Security

Xiaomi is always conscious of its users’ privacy and security. So Xiaomi brings built-in Security apps are called the “MIUI Security App” in its devices. This app includes several features that can help you protect your device from uninvited threats, vulnerabilities, etc.

MIUI Security App V6.1.3-220303.0.1 (China) – New

MIUI Security App V6.1.0-220218.0.1 (China)

MIUI Security App V6.0.4-220128.0.2 (China)

MIUI Security App V6.0.1-220113.0.1 (China)

MIUI Security App V5.7.6-211112.1.1 (Global)

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – MIUI System Launcher

MIUI System Launcher comes with the Stable and Alpha versions. It focuses on a customized home screen, the widgets, and app shortcuts used on it.

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4467-03161900 – New

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4391-02181955 

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4374-02152000

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4348-01251536

MIUI System Launcher V4.26.3.4215-01181928

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4274-01112038

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4255-01062059

MIUI System Launcher V4.26.3.4214-12311712

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4222-12292007

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4186-12172006

MIUI System Launcher V4.25.1.4094-12071842

MIUI Alpha Launcher V4.26.0.4165-12142124

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – Mi Music

Mi Music is an app by Xiaomi that allows you to easily find the latest songs as well as helps you to find the music you’re looking for.

Mi Music App V6.5.24i (Global) – New

Mi Music App V4.6.0.1 (China)

Mi Music App V6.3.40i (Global)

Mi Music App V4.5.0.1 (China)

Mi Music App V6.3.39i (Global)

Mi Music App V4.4-6.0.0 (China)

Mi Music App V6.3.11i (Global)

Mi Music App V4.4.0.1 (China)

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – MIUI Themes

MIUI Theme App that allows you to totally customize Xiaomi devices. There is a carefully designed set of wallpaper, change your device’s theme, download and apply plenty of ringtones and even change the interface’s icons.

MIUI Themes App V2.0.1.9 (Global) – New

MIUI Themes App V2.0.1.4 (Global)

MIUI Themes App V3.1.2.0 (China)

MIUI Themes App V1.7.0.9 (Global)

MIUI Themes App V3.0.4.0 (China)

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – Mi File Manager

“File Manager” helps you to find files faster, manages files easily, and shares them offline with others, just like a file explorer on your desktop. It also recognizes multiple file formats, including music, videos, images, documents, APKs, and zip files.

MIUI File Manager V1-210537 (Global) – New

MIUI File Manager V1-210531 (Global)

MIUI File Manager V4.3.3.6 (China)

MIUI File Manager V4.3.3.4 (China)

MIUI File Manager V1-210527 (Global)

MIUI File Manager V4.3.2.9 (China)

MIUI File Manager V1-210525 (Global)

Xiaomi MIUI System Applications – MIUI Gallery App

MIUI Gallery app comes with new edit functions, filters, text recognition for Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco devices.

MIUI Gallery App V3.4.5.6 (Global) – New

MIUI Gallery App V3.4.6.2 (China)

MIUI Gallery App V3.4.6.1 (China)

MIUI Gallery App V3.3.3.4 (Global)

MIUI Gallery App V3.4.5 (China)

MIUI Gallery App V3.4.4.1 (China)

MIUI Gallery App V3.4.3.2 (China)

MIUI Gallery App V3.3.3 (China)

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