Download and Install Xiaomi Game Turbo 5.0

Game Turbo 5.0 is now available on worldwide Xiaomi smartphones, while it is not yet available for China Beta devices for unclear reasons. We’ll show you how to install it on worldwide devices, as well as new features and images.

Game Turbo on MIUI has been well-known for some time, as have its beneficial features. Its purpose is to improve the games and provide a better gaming experience while playing them by providing extra tools in-game without having to exit the game, such as floating windows, timers, and other features.

Game Turbo 5.0 Features

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It’s mostly the same as Game Turbo 4.0, except with the addition of a new “Performance Monitor” tool. It’s also used to record your FPS in-game so you may compare them after doing actions like enabling and removing performance mode, as shown in the picture above. It’s useful if you’re attempting to compare FPS to see whether there’s a problem with your phone, or if you’re overclocking the phone, for example.

Download and Install Xiaomi Game Turbo 5.0

Download Game Turbo 5.0 APK

You can find the APK file on the MIUI System Updates channel, which provides all APK files for MIUI updates.

Game Turbo 5.0 Installation Guide

It’s really easy to install. You just need to follow our updating system apps guide. But to make things easier, we will still show you how to install it step by step.

  • Download the APK file of the new Security app above.
  • Open file manager and find the APK file. Tap on it once you found it.
  • Install the APK and you’re done!

That’s it. You should have the new Game Turbo 5.0 now on your device. Please don’t try this in China Beta as it’s rolled out globally and it might break things on China Beta.

Game Turbo 5.0 Compatible Devices

All devices that run the global variant of MIUI are supported. The devices that run China Beta are not supported, and so we do not recommend installing it as it probably won’t work.

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