How to check For Original Xiaomi product using its security code

Despite having Mi Stores to turn to, many people are still at risk of falling victim to Original Xiaomi product scams that are fraudulent counterfeit sales. Now, we want to expand the range a little more and explain how to check if a Xiaomi product is original, by using its security code.

Check the security code of your Original Xiaomi product

Many of Xiaomi’s accessories for sale, such as power banks and headphones (especially those that are more commonly counterfeited), as well as its smartphones, have an authentication code under a scratch-off surface.

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The security code is usually found on the box of the device, next to a metallic label with the Xiaomi logo. To get the number, you just have to scratch the indicated box to reveal the 20-digit code.

Through the official Xiaomi portal, you can enter this 20-digit security code to verify that the device you have purchased is an Original Xiaomi product. You can access the authentication section from the following link.

How to check For Original Xiaomi product using its security code

Enter the 20 digits in the authentication box

The website is likely to be in Chinese. However, the platform gives you the option to change the language to English. Once inside, you will see that there are two tabs. The first one works to verify the authenticity of a Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO mobile by means of the IMEI code.

The second tab, for its part, fulfills the function of verifying whether a Xiaomi product, regardless of what it is, is original or not. To do this, you must enter the scratch code in the first bar. Next, enter a four-digit captcha.

In this way, you will be able to quickly verify if the product you have purchased is an Original Xiaomi product or not. User protection is one of the strong points of the company. That is why we constantly see updates to its security section. 

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