When it comes to personalizing your Xiaomi device, there are a lot of MIUI themes to pick from, but which ones are the best? Based on its design, functionality, and general usage, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. These MIUI themes for Xiaomi provide something for everyone, whether you want something clean and modern or something fun and quirky.

The Xiaomi theme market is a great place to start if you want to modify your Xiaomi gadget. Users may not be able to pick which Xiaomi themes are attractive and performant owing to the enormous variety of themes available. Although Xiaomi has a big theme collection, not all of them are functional. You may use this post to identify and utilize the best Xiaomi themes by reading it and selecting from the list of top Xiaomi themes.

Best MIUI Themes List May 2022

Some theme manufacturers produce pretty nice themes for Xiaomi devices. These themes, which consider the tastes and wishes of the people, are the ones we can call the best.

MIUI ThemesMeeyo

Taking the dark theme to the next level, Meeyo edits MIUI’s dark theme design. This theme is made by xiaomiui supporter Krishan Kant. At the same time, its nice understandable icons, and special icon designs for some third-party applications make the theme quite beautiful. It also presents a more elegant UI by neatly tidying the control panel. It offers more beautiful designs by arranging system widgets. You can click here to download it. Or you can search “Meeyo” on the Xiaomi theme store.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesMeeye

This theme, which is more colorful and soft than Meeyo, offers more material designs. The theme designed by the same user has more color palettes instead of being completely dark. You can also like this theme, which is used quite a lot in transparent colors. Click here for the download link. Or you can search “Meeye” on Xiaomi theme store.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesPure Pro

You’ll notice the different design languages Pure Pro MIUI 13 Theme uses right away. It focuses on a white theme which makes for a clean look. And it really is dope. All the icons have been redone with a consistent style and there are new wallpapers too. The overall aesthetic is modern and sleek. Even the notification shade has been redesigned to be more user-friendly. You can download the Pure Pro theme by searching on the MIUI Theme store.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesPlazma

You’re going to love the Plazma MIUI 13 theme. This deep blue and purple theme is simply gorgeous, and it really makes your phone stand out. The icons are all unique and stylish, and they really pop against the dark background.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesProtect

The Protect MIUI 13 theme is a great way to freshen up the look of your phone. With a clean and modern design, it’ll make your phone look like new again. The best part is that it’s completely free to download and install. So if you’re looking for a new way to style your phone, be sure to check out the Protect MIUI 13 theme.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesGlassy V12

The Glassy V12 theme is quite similar to Vivo’s OriginOS. This theme brings the Vivo experience to MIUI. This theme will bring your Xiaomi phone inspired by Vivo and give it a brand new look. You can download this theme by searching “Glassy V12” on the Xiaomi theme store.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesiOS BoSe V13

This theme will attract the attention of Apple lovers. This theme helps you provide an iOS 15 look on your Xiaomi device by completely copying the design of iOS 15. Using this theme, you can turn your Xiaomi device into an iPhone and experience the feeling of using an iPhone. You can click here to download the iOS theme for Xiaomi. Or you can search “iOS BoSe V13” on the Xiaomi theme store.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesPixel Ultra

If you like the Google Pixel interface, this theme is for you. With a beautifully designed lock screen and Google’s round icons, you can have the complete google pixel experience. The system also converts application icons to Google icons. Click here for the download link.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesOxygenOs

OxygenOs design, which is the OnePlus UI has a pretty nice interface. Most phone users like OxygenOs even if they don’t use OnePlus. It looks pretty cool with its custom widgets, round system app icons, and colors and it’s literally like OxygenOs. If you want to search for a theme for Xiaomi and experience OxygenOs, you can download it by clicking here.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

MIUI ThemesP_Android_S

If you are looking for a sweet design theme for your Xiaomi device, P_Android_S comes to your aid. While the lock screen design draws attention, the special system widgets are also pretty well designed. Round icons appear again. This theme, which has a very sweet and pastel color palette, is very popular among Xiaomi users. Click here to download and use this theme.

Best 10 MIUI Themes for Xiaomi Devices

All of these themes, which are quite advanced in terms of design, are the best MIUI themes for Xiaomi devices. You can customize your device with these themes that you will install on your Xiaomi device. These themes have their own unique backgrounds, icons, and designs.

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