Apply For Xiaomi Android 12 testing Program

Android 12 testing Program
Android 12 testing Program

On a forum post for the Community, Xiaomi revealed that several of its flagship smartphones, the Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, and Mi 11i, will begin their beta Android 12 testing Program. However, be aware of this for the worldwide version of MIUI Xiaomi.

The firm employs a limited number of users for Global Stable ROM tests, and the number of seats on each piece of equipment is restricted to 200 so you may rush more quickly Detailed instructions for applying and installing the ROM are available below.

Keep in mind that Xiaomi employees expect you to be actively engaged on their telegram channel to address bugs and concerns. If all goes well, in the following weeks we may expect the effective stable release of the program.

How To Apply for Android 12 testing Program

  • Fill in all the required details correctly and carefully especially your Mi Account.
  • Click Here To Apply: Click Here
  • Please Backup your data before updating [Mandatory].
  • Note: All the applications will be reviewed and then permission will be granted.

How To Check MIUI ROM Version:

1. Please go to “Settings-About phone” to check the version.
2. As the red circle shown in the picture, the character displays: “MI” means Global Version-12.X.X.X(***MI**)

Xiaomi Stable Android 12 testing Program Requirements

  • Should have and use a mentioned smartphone; can actively participate in the stable version test, feedback, and suggestions.
  • The phone should be logged in with the same ID that he/she has filled in the recruitment form.
  • Should have a high tolerance for issues, willing to cooperate with the engineers about the issues with detailed information.
  • Have the ability to recover phone when flashing fails and be willing to take risks for failed updates.
  • Applicants should be 18 years old or older.

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