7 Xiaomi mobiles official spare parts Discontinued

7 Xiaomi mobiles official spare parts Discontinued

According to an official announcement issued by Xiaomiup to 7 mobile phones of the company will no longer be manufacturedThe interruption of the official after-sales and maintenance service will take effect on July 1, 2022.

As of that date, devices as emblematic as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 or the Redmi 6 Pro will no longer receive spare parts. One more confirmation that Xiaomi will say goodbye to these devices, both hardware and software.

These Xiaomi and Redmi mobiles have run out of official spare parts

Xiaomi has officially stopped the production of Mi Max 3Mi 8 Explorer EditionMi 8 Fingerprint EditionMi Mix 3Mi PlayRedmi S2, and Redmi 6 Pro devices. This action implies that the company will stop manufacturing and supplying parts necessary for spare parts. Also, after-sales services will no longer be able to provide maintenance.

For now, the authorized technical services will be able to continue repairing the Xiaomi phones on the list while the parts are available. However, when stocks run out, these terminals will no longer have official spare parts.

In the same way, the cessation of the production of parts in China means that in the rest of the countries where these mobiles are marketed, they will also run out of spare parts at some point. Of course, it should be noted that users will still be able to enjoy cleaningdebugging, and software maintenance services.

The mobiles that appear in the ad went on the market in 2018, so most of them are already 4 years old. In general, Xiaomi phones have a useful life of 3 to 4 years. Already in its last years, the terminal begins to show symptoms of wear or malfunction of its components. Hence the importance of having official spare parts.



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