5 interesting tricks On Google keyboard For Xiaomi (Gboard)


Gboard is an extremely complete tool, and one of the best keyboards that you can install on a Xiaomi mobile. This keyboard offers users numerous functions, many of which are virtually unknown. That is why so that you can get the most out of your device, today we bring you five Gboard tricks that you probably did not know and that you can use on your Xiaomi.

Five Gboard tricks for your Xiaomi

Speed ​​is key, and Gboard is very clear about that. That is why the keyboard has several features that make typing easier. As they tell us in this Xiaomi Community thread, the Google keyboard has a lot of hidden functions to its credit.

In order to help you discover everything that the Google keyboard has for your Xiaomi, we have selected five very interesting Gboard tricks for you to enjoy its new features.

1. Move the Gboard cursor with gestures

If you have written a somewhat long text, and you have made a mistake in a word, you can move the cursor to the mistake just by sliding your finger over the space bar. All you have to do is press the bar and immediately slide your finger left or right to move the cursor from one place to another.

2. Erase phrases with gestures

Similarly, you can also use gestures to delete words or entire sentences. The operation is practically the same. You just need to press the back button and slide your finger to the left for the keyboard to start selecting the text to delete. Once you lift your finger, the words will be deleted automatically.

3. Translate messages in real-time with Gboard

As it is a tool integrated with Google services, Gboard users on Xiaomi and Android have the option to translate their messages in real time. Open the keyboard and click on the icon with the three horizontal dots. Next, select the ‘ Translate ‘ function.

You will notice that a new text bar is displayed, in which you must enter the message you want to translate. Simultaneously you will see how the translated message appears reflected in the main text bar. Although the system is able to detect the language, you can also change the source language and the target language at any time.

4. Navigate in your text with the cursor keys

In the Google keyboard of your Xiaomi, you can find a function called ‘ Text editing ‘, which allows you to move the cursor more easily. This tool changes the appearance of the keyboard into direction keys and action buttons.

If you want to cut, copy or paste something specific, you can do it more precisely using the ‘ Text Edit ‘ function.

5. Customize keyboard touch, sound, vibration, and height

Gboard has multiple customization options. Not only can you change its theme, or add multiple languages. The keyboard also allows you to modify the touch, vibration, and sound of the keys. Also, if you need it, you have the option to increase or decrease the height of the keyboard to better suit your preferences.

Bonus: use the Gboard one-handed trick on your Xiaomi

The ‘ one-handed ‘ mode is a trick present in the Gboard keyboard, which is responsible for reducing the size of the keyboard on your Xiaomi and orienting it to the left or right of the screen. This is in order to allow the user to write with one hand.

As mobile screens get bigger and bigger, typing with one hand becomes a complex task. That is why the ‘ One-handed ‘ function makes writing more accessible for those who do not want to have both hands occupied.

This option, in turn, allows you to return the keyboard to its original sizeposition it on the side you prefer, or move it freely along the bottom of the screen.

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