We took our time to obtain the Themes For Xiaomi Phone. Xiaomi smartphones have a slew of software-based capabilities. Their MIUI skin lets the user totally modify the look of the user interface without even rooting the device. With a simple click, users may change the boot animations, typeface, icon pack, and wallpapers on their MIUI devices. The MIUI theme shop has a plethora of free themes, of which we have selected the Top 5 Best Themes for Xiaomi Devices.

One of the most essential resources for you is MIUI Theme Store. You may select the finest theme for you and apply it immediately to your Xiaomi smartphone. Also, if you open the following post on your smartphone, we have included download links that will take you directly to the theme page on the MIUI Theme Store.

Top Themes For Xiaomi Phone

1. Pixel Experience Dark

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5 Top Themes For Xiaomi Phone

The Pixel Experience Dark has a basic, clean, and user-friendly UI with icons that are similar to stock Android and an overall aesthetic. The theme is entirely centered on dark mode, as the name implies. It even comes pre-installed with Google’s glance widget. Using this theme, one may quickly alter the appearance of MIUI to that of stock Android. this is why it is on Themes For Xiaomi Phone

Download Pixel Experience Dark

2. Android Go V2

5 Top Themes For Xiaomi Phone

The Android V2 theme has a clean and contemporary appearance. It has a streamlined user interface with reduced clutter, modern-looking icons, and a lock screen arrangement similar to iOS. The theme is lightweight and simple, allowing users to utilize it without worrying about the device’s overall performance. It also has new lock screen widgets as well as a notification panel.

Download Android Go V2

3. OS 13 Pro

5 Top Themes For Xiaomi Phone

If you want an iOS-like theme that will make your MIUI appear like an iOS device, then OS 13 Pro is the ideal choice. Following the implementation of the theme, your dialer (stock), Settings, Messages, and other system programs will resemble iOS applications. The theme also includes iOS-style icon packs, a lock screen configuration, and a background. On the lock screen, you may access the shortcuts and music player by swiping left.

Download OS 13 Pro

4. 3D astronaut

5 Top Themes For Xiaomi PhoneImage credit @leander10738162 on Twitter

As the name implies, the theme provides a completely 3D-oriented look across the user interface. Themes For Xiaomi Phone can be more fluid through customization. Not only that, but it also has the newest Material you like widgets from Android 12. The entire theme is based on Astronaut, as is the theme’s wallpaper. It also has several lock screen widgets, which you may access by swiping left. The theme’s icons are contemporary in appearance and feature 3D effects on them.

Download 3D Astronaut

5. Ward off by Castantino

5 Top Themes For Xiaomi PhoneImage credit @leander10738162 on Twitter

This theme, unlike others, is primarily geared towards those that appreciate minimalist and clean-looking designs. It comes with basic squircle-shaped icons as well as theme-specific widgets that you may add after installing and applying the theme. The theme has basic and minimal appearing icons, consumes less RAM, and provides a smooth experience even after installing the theme.

Download Ward Off by Castantino

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