Customization options bring more life to any interface with just a couple of tweaks. That’s what happens when you change your default theme to an MIUI theme with animations and multiple lock screens. If you are looking for some eye-catching option, here we put together five themes that will undoubtedly catch your attention.

All the customization packs that we recommend can be found in the MIUI Themes app. However, if you’re having trouble applying any, it may be necessary to perform a region change. At the end of the list, we explain how it works.

5 MIUI themes with animations and lock screens

The themes in this list are endowed with interesting animations and allow you to choose between different lock screens. We recently talked to you about what topics to choose if you were bored with your Xiaomi. Now, to ignite the spark of creativity, here are five very visual MIUI themes that you must try.

1.MasterUI Pro | Download

The MIUI Master UI Pro theme is an interesting option to consider if you are looking for a customization pack with serene colors and a modern design. It has several alternatives for the lock screen, but it also allows you to modify the header of the main desktop.

5 MIUI themes full of animations or multiple lock screens

Also, Master UI Pro puts at your disposal a wide variety of styles for weather and clock widgets. In addition to providing certain spaces with several direct accesses. This is a theme designed for practicality and productive use. So, if it catches your attention, you can download it on your mobile with MIUI 12, 12.5, or MIUI 13.

2. Across the Planet – MIUI Theme with Animations and Lock Screens | download

Across the Planet appears to be, at first glance, a common MIUI theme designed to accommodate dark mode. However, this customization pack has a lot more to offer. The first big surprise is on your lock screen. This one has a very interesting animation to change the position of the moon that is in the background.

5 MIUI themes full of animations or multiple lock screens

But not everything is there. You can also change the header or toggle the lock screen to one with more shortcuts. Which, by the way, also offers a loading animation. The icons in the Planet Across theme are exceptionally designed, providing an understated and elegant style. The theme is of course available for MIUI 12 and MIUI 13.

3. Project IOS 13 | download

A colorful theme that gives your mobile a lot of personalities is Project IOS 13. It is a much simpler MIUI theme, without various lock screens or very flashy animations. In fact, the clock in the header is the only thing that has an animation. However, it is still a very creative option to consider.

5 MIUI themes full of animations or multiple lock screens

Project IOS 13 features circular icons, with a slightly different design than the default MIUI ones. The control center also has different colors and the icons in the settings menu also change. Its simplicity is its appeal and this MIUI theme knows it very well. It is available for mobiles with MIUI 12 onwards.

4. Journey – A MIUI Theme with Animations and Lock Screens | Download

Bright, summery, and colorful. This is how the Journey theme is defined, a curious option that integrates the animation of a minivan touring the beach with a whole summer panorama. The interesting thing about such MIUI theme animation is that it does not appear only on the lock screen, but also on the main desktop .

5 MIUI themes full of animations or multiple lock screens

Journey icons, for the most part, have a cosmetic change. However, the most striking thing about this MIUI theme is its animation. It really creates an effect of tranquility and joy. You can spend hours watching the palm trees go by and let yourself be fascinated by the sea. It is a very attractive alternative and is compatible with MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5.

5. Magnus UI | Download

Magnus UI is an MIUI theme that does not have animations either, but it does have different alternatives for the lock screen. In addition, the theme stands out for the possibility of changing the style of the main desktop header and for redesigning the functions of the control center.

5 MIUI themes full of animations or multiple lock screens

On the other hand, Magnus UI goes to the trouble of embedding various shortcuts on one of your lock screens. The icons change their design a bit, but without standing out too much. What we did love was that we received a motivating message: never stop believing in yourself. With that, he has already bought us. It is available for MIUI 12, 12.5, and MIUI 13.

This is how the change of region works

Region switching is nothing more than swapping your original region for another. This procedure does not represent any risk for the mobile and, in addition, it is reversible. All you have to do is go to Settings > Additional settings > Region. Then select India.

Next, try to apply the theme of your choice. If it works, you will only have to return to the same region section and return to your hometown. It’s that easy to apply MIUI themes with animations and different lock screens.

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