The many community-created customization packs you can find in the MIUI themes store are full of imagination. Its eye-catching designs are all your mobile needs to look like a completely different device. For that reason, this time we share five MIUI themes that will look great on your Xiaomi.

If collecting themes is your thing or you like those with lots of animations and custom lock screens, then you are in the right place. The list of recommendations brings with it a bit of each category, but all are equally interesting.

Five MIUI themes that look great on your Xiaomi

You can download all the options that you will know below directly from their link or search for them through the store. Keep in mind that if you have problems applying them, you may need to change your region. Now, these are the five MIUI themes that will surely look great on your Xiaomi.

1. MTX Design | download

If you are looking for dark MIUI themes, but with contrasting lights, then MTX Design is what you need. This pack is endowed with colorful icons on a black background, which provides minimalist nuances that intermingle with its violet hues.

5 Amazing MIUI themes To change the UI of your Xiaomi

MTX Design is characterized by its modified control center, simplistic lock screen, and gothic-tinged wallpaper. Without a doubt, an interesting option that would give your Xiaomi a much more outstanding aura. It works with MIUI 13, 12.5, and MIUI 12

2. Future Explorer: A MIUI themes that look great on your Xiaomi | Download

There are many themes that allow you to discover new and interesting things. A clear example is Future Explorer. Its futuristic theme with a funny astronaut as the background is all that is right for a sci-fi lover. The theme is also endowed with a couple of cheats, which you can access from the lock screen.

5 Amazing MIUI themes To change the UI of your Xiaomi

Just by locking your device, you will notice that the screen is filled with shortcuts. Among its most prominent features are a switch to switch to dark mode, a countdown to your birthday, and a counter for how many glasses of water you’ve had that day.

3. Dark Green | Download

When it comes to simple themes, but with extravagant designs, we can mention Hijau Tua. This theme offers some headers related to the world of Resident Evil. In addition, it stands out for its green and black colors, which are found in all corners of the mobile. Of course, it is better appreciated with the dark mode activated.

5 Amazing MIUI themes To change the UI of your Xiaomi

Hijau Tua also stands out for having a player on the lock screen. In this way, just by clicking on the musical note, the songs that you have saved in the My Music app are played. The theme is available for MIUI 12 and up.

4. Blue [ON]: A MIUI themes that look great on your Xiaomi | Download

Do you like to vary the appearance of the lock screen? Well, then a good MIUI theme for you would be Blue [ON]. The package offers up to four different options, each one as different as the other, although the one that stands out the most is the base model, equipped with numerous shortcuts and interesting functions.

5 Amazing MIUI themes To change the UI of your Xiaomi

The Blue [ON] lock screen comes with a countdown to an important date, a loading animation, a step counter, and an indicator of how many hours are left until the end of the day. It is an exciting option, with sober colors and a formal style, which will make you feel like you have a very advanced machine in your hands.

5. Material X | Download

If colorful themes are your thing, download Material X now for your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO. This MIUI themes stands out for its friendly wallpaper and minimalistic but colorful custom icons. The control center maintains its essence, although its buttons receive a more distinctive design that attracts a lot of attention.

5 Amazing MIUI themes To change the UI of your Xiaomi

Material X is a simple theme, which only has to offer its pleasing aesthetics. Your lock screen is kept simple, with a large clock across the center of it. Although the best thing is that it easily adapts to dark mode. It is available for mobiles with MIUI 12 and 12.5 only.

change of region

The change of region is a simple adjustment that you can make from your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO. Simply go to Settings > Additional Settings > Region and select a location other than your home area. Next, try to apply the theme of your choice. Once the objective is fulfilled, you can return to your home region following the same route.


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