Today’s list includes various themes that will transform your Xiaomi into a completely new device that is extremely different from the original MIUI theme.

5 Best Xiaomi Themes

1. White Ghosty | Xiaomi Themes Download

We begin with White Ghosty, a basic and minimalist theme that is completely different from what we are used to. This theme has its own backdrop, minimalist icons in white, and a unique design that will certainly catch everyone’s attention.

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Xiaomi Themes

Of coursethe Control Center for this theme is also modified, as well as the settings icons. In general, a quite worked theme, which could also fit perfectly with some Christmas wallpaper-

2. Pseudo Housekeeper | Xiaomi Themes Download 

Xiaomi Themes

Pseudo Housekeeper is another theme that you should include in your library. Despite the fact that the preceding item entirely alters the MIUI interface, your Xiaomi will now be a whole new smartphone.

Among the highlights of Pseudo Housekeeper are a highly appealing icon pack with a futuristic appearance, a full and productive lock screen, and an intriguing selection of widgets.

3. Project Black | Xiaomi Themes Download 

Xiaomi Themes

Do you like dark themes that also take advantage of the qualities of the AMOLED screen of your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO? Project Black is the perfect theme, which will also allow you to save an extra battery.

With a totally dark interface, both in its settings, lock screen and Control Center , as well as minimalist background icons also in black, Project Black will delight lovers of dark themes.

4. Xiaguang Mimicry | Xiaomi Themes Download 

Xiaguang Mimicry is a minimalist design theme, which makes use almost entirely of light tones. Its harmony and its really fresh appearance will make your Xiaomi a new mobile.

Xiaomi Themes

Among the most outstanding features of this theme, we not only find a really interesting icon pack, but also a totally different lock screen, in which a new loading animation is integrated.

5. MeeGo SrxUI | Xiaomi Themes Download 

We conclude the day’s selection with an exceedingly exquisite theme that is great for orange fans. It’s about MeeGo SrxUI, a comprehensive topic that, like the other ones, will entirely transform your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO.

Xiaomi Themes

As can be seen in the image, MeeGo SrxUI has its own icon pack, as well as a matching Control Center, both combining orange tones with white tones that are undoubtedly spectacular.

How to change region to install Xiaomi Themes

Changing the region on your Xiaomi device is not a difficult task. However, if you need some help. To download and install themes that require a region change, all you have to do is go to Settings> Additional settings> Region. Once inside, change your region of origin to India.

After doing this simple step, you will be able to download and install the theme on your Xiaomi device. After finishing the application of the theme, you can go back to your original region without any problem.

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