3 Ways To Update MIUI System Apps

Update MIUI System Apps

MIUI consistently pushes refreshes on the framework applications, particularly when there is another current MIUI variant. To Update MIUI System Apps, we are offered a couple of advantageous strategies, and in this article, we will help you through them.

How to update MIUI system apps

It is consistently smart to keep your versatile working framework in the know regarding the most recent application refreshes that are routinely pushed. MIUI is one of the most famous Android dispersions, and thusly, it benefits from ordinary updates that work on its usefulness and general execution. Refreshing applications on your MIUI gadgets is a basic and clear interaction with a few unique and simple methods for making it happen.

update MIUI system apps via Settings

MIUI makes it quite easy for users to update system apps by including a system apps updater option in the settings. This feature allows you to keep track of any new updates and lets you install them without any issues.

In order to update the MIUI app in Settings:

  • Open your Settings app from your home screen
  • Tap on theĀ System apps updaterĀ submenu
  • Wait for it to load
  • Update! After it loads you should get a few apps that are waiting to be updated.

update MIUI system apps via MIUI Downloader

MIUI Downloader app is an Android application that is developed by the Xiaomiui team and it allows you to keep track of the newest system updates, download the current or previous stock firmware either in recovery or fastboot flashable, and give you access to hidden features throughout your system, allows you to install the newest system app updates and so many more. You can download the updated versions of MIUI system apps using this app – MIUI Downloader | News & Apps

update MIUI system apps manually

As usual, you can always find APK files online through various websites or channels and update your MIUI system apps that way. It is not the most convenient method as it leaves a mess in your internal storage with the leftover APK files and you will need to routinely clean it in order to free your space. However, if you wish to update your MIUI system apps this way, you can check out.


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