3 Super Xiaomi camera tricks that are awesome

Xiaomi camera

The MIUI Xiaomi camera app that you can find on a Xiaomi mobile is full of very interesting super tricks. From modes and effects that you may not have known about, to adjustments to get the most out of the camera. The MIUI photographic section offers so much, that here we bring you three fascinating tricks that you can use in the camera of your Xiaomi.

Three super Xiaomi camera tricks for your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO

There are numerous settings and options that you can use in the camera of a Xiaomi mobile. However, it is worth noting that most of these are not available on all devices. It usually depends on the range and other factors, so make sure you have the features listed below first.

Xiaomi camera

1. Use Google Lens from the Xiaomi camera of your Xiaomi

Google Lens is an image recognition application available on both Android and iOS mobiles. Some Xiaomi mobiles have direct access to this app, but other terminals also include it among the super tricks available for the camera.

In fact, the Google Lens feature is usually found in the top camera bar of MIUI. And in some cases, also within the settings menu. Is that how it works:

  • Click on the Google Lens icon to activate image recognition.
  • Focus on any object to perform an Internet search.
  • Press the shutter.

The tool also allows you to explore places, copy texts, perform translations, answer questions from your assignments, and many other options.

2. Take burst photos with this super Xiaomi camera trick

Some Xiaomi models have a function called ‘dynamic shutter’, which emulates the Live Photos of the iPhone. What this tool does is record for 1.5 seconds what happens before and after taking a photo. In essence, it acts like a burst of photos, letting you pick the best shot from the group.

In Xiaomi mobiles, the operation is quite similar. To activate this super camera trick, you just have to press the ‘dynamic shots’ icon which is located right next to the AI ​​icon. Then press the shutter to continue.

3. Bring your social networks to life with short videos

Platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, and many others have made short videos popular. Therefore, it is normal for manufacturers to integrate functions that adapt to the demands of social networks. That is why in Xiaomi phones we can find a function to record 15-second videos.

In detail, this super trick is hidden in the ‘More’ section. You can access this section from the icon with the three horizontal bars or from the ‘More’ tab in the bottom menu. Then, click on the ‘short videos’ button.

Thus, after pressing the shutter, the camera will start recording a 15-second video, long enough for your favorite social networks to support.



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